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Classe(s) : Tle ES - Tle L - Tle S | Thème(s) : Espaces et échanges
Type : Écrit LV2 | Année : 2019 | Académie : France métropolitaine

France métropolitaine • Juin 2019

Séries générales • LV2

College studies

document 1 Students find passion, friendship among hundreds of clubs, activities

Finding a place to meet friends and be creative is one key to happiness at Arizona State University, and among the more than 1,000 clubs and organizations are several dozen related to playing an instrument or singing. Among those are five different groups who sing a cappella.

Adriana Whitmore has been singing since age 9 and was in the Chicago Children’s Choir and Voice of Chicago. She knew she wanted to continue singing when she got to ASU but wasn’t sure how, until she saw the all-female Pitchforks group perform at the ASU Welcome for incoming freshmen1 last week.

“I saw them and fell in love and I had to try out,” said Whitmore, who admitted to being a little nervous about the audition.

Hundreds of students attended the a cappella auditions held at the Music Building over several days this past week.

Research has found that students who make connections and are involved in university life are more likely to stay in school and graduate, according to Kendra Hunter, senior associate dean2 of students.

“It’s critical for students to be involved and to get that sense of belonging by contributing to a community and feeling that sense of pride,” she said.

Hunter said that freshmen are still discovering their interests and can be involved in several different activities.

“Whatever it is that students are interested in, if there’s not a club or organization that’s in existence, they can create their own,” Hunter said.

From Mary Beth Faller,, August 23, 2018

1. freshmen: first-year students

2. dean: the director of a university department

document 2 A laid-back student

It was not a dorm known for its great parties, to say the least, but there was a tradition in Godwin Honors Hall of throwing one big blowout the Friday night after midterms1.

Craig had, himself, only one exam (Political Science) and a paper due (Great Books). The Poli-Sci exam seemed like no big deal. He’d just make it a priority to go over the outline at the back of the book the morning before the test.

Apparently, his fellow students had harder schedules, or approached their studies differently. Beginning the weekend before midterms, Godwin had become a ghost hall, and Perry barely darkened the doorway of their room except to sleep for a few hours in the early morning before he was gone again.

(“Where you been, man?” Craig asked him in passing, to which Perry replied, “The library. Studying,” as if it were a given.)

Even the cafeteria was silent. Instead of the usual clusters, people sat separately, absentmindedly lifting forkfuls of eggs or baked beans to their mouths while staring intently into the textbooks open beside their plates. Craig watched as one kid accidentally speared the page of his book instead of the meatloaf on his plate, and then even brought the fork halfway to his mouth before realizing there was nothing on it.

No wonder his father had had to call on his old buddy Dean Fleming to get Craig into this place. These were not his people. They were an entirely different species. Back in Fredonia there’d been professional students, for sure, but theirs had been such a casual superiority that Craig never bothered to pay any attention to how they were doing it. They just waltzed out of their Advanced Placement courses2 fluttering the A-pluses on their exams, sauntered down the hallway to the meetings of the clubs they were presidents of, or grabbed their violins and headed off to the orchestra room.

That these Godwin Honors College kids worked so hard both frightened and puzzled Craig, and made it even more impossible for him to imagine, somehow, joining them at the library. So far the only thing he’d done at the library was check out an armload of CDs, which he’d downloaded to his laptop.

“Are we going to meet this week?” Craig asked as Perry stumbled past him on his way to the shower in the middle of midterm week.


“Study group?”

“We’ve been meeting,” Perry said.

“When?” Craig asked.

“At the library,” Perry said. “Constantly.”

“Why didn’t anybody tell me?” Craig asked.

“I don’t know,” Perry said. “I guess we figured if you wanted to study you’d be at the library.”

From Laura Kasischke, The Raising, 2011

1. midterms: exams

2. Advanced Placement courses: high-level courses in high school

document 3 Oprah Winfrey gives a speech at Harvard University.


ph © Brian Snyder/Reuters

Oprah Winfrey, a famous American TV host, is giving a speech at Harvard University. May 2013

compréhension 10 points

Document 1

1 1. Copy the letters on your paper (a), b), c)…) and give the corresponding information from the text.

Name of the university

Activities mentioned

Number of clubs offered

Number of a cappella groups






2. What does this information show about the university?

2 Say if the following statements are TRUE or FALSE. Justify each answer with a quote.

1. Music clubs are very popular in this university.

2. First-year students can only practise one activity at a time.

3 Answer the following questions about Adriana.

1. What is her pastime?

2. When did she start this pastime?

3. What club did she decide to join at the university?

4. Why did she choose to join this particular club?

4 Joining a club is good for students: in the text, find one personal benefit and one academic benefit.

Seuls les candidat(e)s de la série L qui ne composent pas au titre de la LVA traitent la question 5.

5 In your own words, say what initiatives Kendra Hunter encourages students to take. (2 elements)

Uniquement pour les candidat(e)s de la série L au titre de la LVA.

6 1. Considering the source of the document, explain the writer’s goal.

2. How does the writer reach her goal? (2 elements)

Document 2

7 Find the following information about the scene.

1. Name the two main characters.

2. Where are they? Choose the correct answer.

a) In a high school

b) In a university

c) In a summer camp

3. How do they know each other? Justify with a quote.

8 Answer the following questions.

1. What period of the year is it?

2. What is the atmosphere like? Justify your answer with 2 quotes from the text.

9 1. Copy the letters on your paper (a), b), c)…) and give the corresponding information from the text.


Other students at Godwin

How they got accepted


How they study



Why they go to the library



2. What is Craig’s perception of the other students at Godwin? Justify with a quote.

10 Focus on the dialogue lines 36 to 45.

1. How successful is communication between the characters? Explain why.

2. Explain what this reveals about the relationship between Craig and the other students.

Uniquement pour les candidat(e)s de la série L au titre de la LVA.

11 Focus on lines 23 to 30. Give 2 particularities of the students in Fredonia, according to Craig. Justify each particularity with a quote.

Document 3

12 Using elements from the picture, explain the scene and Oprah Winfrey’s posture.

13 Explain what this photograph may suggest about Harvard.

Documents 1, 2 and 3

14 What is the common point between the three documents?

15 Compare and contrast the visions of Adriana, Craig and Oprah Winfrey on this common point.

expression 10 points

Les candidat(e)s de la série L qui ne composent pas au titre de la LVA traitent au choix le sujet 1 ou le sujet 2. (250 mots)

Les candidat(e)s de la série L composant au titre de la LVA traitent au choix le sujet 2 ou le sujet 3. (300 mots)

Les candidat(e)s des séries ES et S traitent au choix le sujet 2 ou le sujet 4. (200 mots)

1 You are the president of the students’ union at Gardner-Webb University and the school year has just started. Write a speech for Freshman Week to convince new students to join a club.

2 Discuss the following statement:

True education does not only consist in acquiring knowledge,

but also in building one’s personality.

3 Write an application letter for the university of your dreams.

4 Among the two universities below, choose the one you would prefer to go to. Write your application letter.

California State University

Priority: student’s well-being, personal fulfilment

Bonus: club membership unlimited

Types of activities:



and so much more!

New York State University

Priority: performance, academic success

Bonus: extra study sessions for all

Types of activities:



and so much more!

Les clés du sujet

Document 1


Mary Beth Faller écrit des articles dans plusieurs journaux en ligne américains, et en particulier dans, l’une des publications de l’université d’Arizona.

Pour en savoir plus :

Résumé du texte

À travers la présentation de nombreuses activités proposées par l’université de l’Arizona ainsi que deux témoignages, l’auteur présente les avantages de cette université et le bénéfice que les étudiants peuvent tirer d’une vie universitaire active.

Vocabulaire utile à la compréhension

Choir (l. 7) : chœur ; involved (l. 16) : impliqué ; more likely (l. 16) : plus à même de ; belonging (l. 20) : appartenance ; pride (l. 21) : fierté.

Document 2


Laura Kasischke (1961-) est une romancière et poétesse américaine, professeure à l’université du Michigan. Plusieurs de ses œuvres ont reçu des prix littéraires et ont été adaptées au cinéma.

Pour en savoir plus :

Résumé du texte

Craig est un étudiant dilettante qui ne s’implique quasiment pas dans ses études. Il ne s’intègre pas aux autres étudiants dont le sérieux et l’intérêt au travail le déconcertent et l’effraient.

Vocabulaire utile à la compréhension

Dorm (l. 1) : résidence universitaire ; blowout (l. 3) : gueuleton ; cluster (l. 15) : groupe ; casual (l. 25) : décontracté ; to bother (l. 26) : prendre la peine de ; to flutter (l. 28) : (ici) : frimer avec ; to saunter (l. 28) : flâner.

Document 3

La source

Reuters est une grande agence de presse, qui a fourni cette photo au New York Times.

Le document

Oprah Winfrey, l’une des plus célèbres animatrices de la télévision américaine, fait un discours enthousiaste devant l’association des anciens élèves de la prestigieuse université de Harvard.

Vocabulaire utile à la compréhension

Alumni : anciens étudiants

Les points de convergence

Les trois textes ont comme point commun l’université américaine, avec tout ce qu’elle peut offrir comme activités d’intégration, d’esprit d’appartenance et d’espoir de réussir dans la vie, si l’on veut bien se consacrer à ses études, contrairement à ce que fait Craig.

Le sujet d’expression 1

Une direction possible

Il s’agit d’un discours, adoptez donc un ton adapté. Inspirez-vous du texte qui décrit les avantages des clubs proposés par l’ASU. Vous pouvez aussi mentionner les anciens étudiants qui ont réussi et fait partie de ces clubs.

Key ideas

The key to success is a sense of belonging. Clubs will bring you so many things, including a feeling of pride. Is there an activity you enjoy and for which there is no club? Well, no problem, create one. Our successful alumni: they all belonged to one of our clubs.

Le sujet d’expression 2

Une direction possible

Réfléchissez à ce qu’est la connaissance et à ce qu’est la construction d’une personnalité, à ce que vous attendez de votre éducation. La connaissance n’est qu’une matière sèche si l’on n’a pas appris à s’en servir. L’esprit critique, savoir faire les bons choix, l’interaction avec les autres font partie de la construction de votre personnalité. Nous devons devenir des adultes et des citoyens responsables, en nous appuyant sur les connaissances que nous acquérons. Les deux sont étroitement mêlés.

Key ideas

Do we learn to pile up facts into our brains or to become fully responsible adults? Knowledge is just a useless thing if you don’t know what to do with it. You have to learn to be critical with what you have acquired. An important part of education lies in the building of your personality. The role of education is also to help you shape your own views, to be constructively critical, to learn from others, to be able to make wise decisions. The first thing to know is who you are.

Le sujet d’expression 3

Une direction possible

Quelle est l’université idéale pour vous ? Doit-il y avoir une multiplicité de clubs, selon le modèle américain, pour former votre personnalité, ou privilégiez-vous le haut niveau d’étude pour acquérir un maximum de compétences ? Quel est le bon mélange des deux ? Une fois cette réflexion menée, présentez les critères que vous avez choisis comme atouts principaux de l’université à laquelle vous postulez. N’oubliez pas les formules de politesse et le ton adapté à une lettre de candidature.

Key ideas

Dear Mr X, the university of my dreams is the one where , in my view the main assets of your university are… , your university is the only one that can provide the standards of courses I require, yours faithfully.

Le sujet d’expression 4

Une direction possible

Pensez aux formules d’introduction et de conclusion d’une lettre, dont le ton doit être poli. Votre but est de voir votre candidature acceptée : donnez les raisons pour lesquelles vous avez choisi l’une des deux universités proposées ; parlez de vous, pour que la personne qui vous lira vous connaisse et sache pourquoi retenir votre candidature.

Key ideas

The well-being of students is one of your greatest assets. I am sure that I could share so many things with other club members. I would be glad to belong to yours, or to create one if you have no such club. I am eager to learn more at CSU, not only academically but also as a human being.