Women's Role Models

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Classe(s) : Tle ES - Tle L - Tle S | Thème(s) : Lieux et formes du pouvoir
Type : Écrit LV2 | Année : 2018 | Académie : Polynésie française

Polynésie française • Juin 2018

Séries générales • LV2

Women’s role models

document 1 The leadership ambition gap

My grandmother Rosalind Einhorn was born exactly fifty-two years before I was, on August 28, 1917. Like many poor Jewish families in the boroughs of New York City, hers lived in a small, crowded apartment close to their relatives. Her parents, aunts, and uncles addressed her male cousins by their given names, but she and her sister were referred to only as “Girlie”.

During the Depression, my grandmother was pulled out of Morris High School to help support the household by sewing fabric flowers onto undergarments that her mother could resell for a tiny profit.

No one in the community would have considered taking a boy out of school. A boy’s education was the family’s hope to move up the financial and social ladder. Education for girls, however, was less important both financially, since they were unlikely to contribute to the family’s income, and culturally, since boys were expected to study the Torah while girls were expected to run a “proper home”. Luckily for my grandmother, a local teacher insisted that her parents put her back into school.

She went on not only to finish high school but to graduate from U.C. Berkeley.

After college, “Girlie” worked selling pocketbooks and access­ories at David’s Fifth Avenue. When she left her job to marry my grandfather, family legend has it that David’s had to hire four people to replace her. Years later, when my grandfather’s paint business was struggling, she jumped in and took some of the hard steps he was reluctant to take, helping to save the family from financial ruin. She displayed her business acumen1 again in her forties. After being diagnosed with breast cancer, she beat it and then dedicated herself to raising money for the clinic that treated her by selling knockoff2 watches out of the trunk of her car. Girlie ended up with a profit margin that Apple would envy. I have never met anyone with more energy and determination than my grandmother. When Warren Buffett talks about competing against only half of the population, I think about her and wonder how different her life might have been if she had been born half a century later.

Sheryl Sandberg, Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead, 2013.

1. Acumen: intelligence and intuition.

2. Knockoff: replica, fake, counterfeit.

document 2 An Olympic award

Ronda Rousey is a female judo champion now practising mixed martial arts.

As the afternoon session wrapped up, the event organizer made an announcement.

“Following this session, we ask you all to stay as Jimmy Pedro will be presenting awards,” he said. “These are awards that Jimmy has determined himself. Afterward, Jimmy will be signing autographs.”

The disappointment I had felt on the way to the clinic1 return­ed, only worse.

“Can we leave?” I asked my mom.

“I thought you wanted him to sign your belt,” my mom said.

“I just want to go,” I said.

“OK,” she shrugged.

I was hobbling over to get my bag, when Jimmy walked to the front of the room.

“First of all, thank you so much for coming out here today,” Jimmy said.

The room cheered.

“I was really impressed by everyone,” he continued. “I see a lot of potential when I look around this room.”

Dozens of kids sitting cross-legged on the mats suddenly straight­ened up. I felt my eyes start to burn. There were more than one hundred kids from around the L.A. area at the clinic, and I knew I was better at judo than every single one of them. I also knew there was no way I was getting an award.

“The first award, is one that I hope will soon be near and dear to my heart,” Jimmy said with a smile. “This is the ‘Future Olympic Champion’ award.”

The room laughed as if Jimmy had told a hilarious joke. A three-time Olympian who had won bronze in 1996, Jimmy was making one final push at an Olympic gold.

Jimmy called the name of a boy who jumped up, cheering as if he had actually won the Olympics. I shoved everything into my bag as fast as I could.

“The next award I want to give out today is one that is certainly near and dear to my heart - ‘Future World Champion,’” Jimmy said.

At the mention of world champion, the room burst into applause.

“And the winner is…” - Jimmy paused for dramatic effect - “Ronda Rousey.”

I froze, then dropped my bag. I felt my cheeks flush as every head in the place turned to look at me.

“Go up there,” my mom urged as the room applauded.

I limped up to the front of the room to shake Jimmy’s hand. He picked me as future world champion, I thought. Me. I was thrilled and flattered and in disbelief.

I waited in line to get his autograph after the impromptu ceremony.

Ronda Rousey, My Fight Your Fight, 2015.

1. A clinic (here) is a meeting when a group learn about a particular thing or problem.

compréhension 10 points

Document 1

From line 1 to line 18

1 Pick out two elements that show Rosalind’s family was not rich.

2 Show how different Rosalind’s life was because she was a girl. Find two elements.

3 Why could Rosalind stay at school? Quote the text.

From line 19 to the end

4 Show Rosalind had “business acumen” (l. 27). Pick out three elements.

5 In your own words, explain why Rosalind became a “family legend” (l. 23).

Uniquement pour les candidat(e)s de la série L au titre de la LVA

6 Considering Sheryl Sandberg has become one of the heads of Facebook, what does she imply in the last sentence of the text?

Document 2

7 List the persons or groups present at the clinic. (4 elements)

8 Who is Jimmy and why is he present at this event? (20 words maximum)

9 Is the first award a real Olympic medal? Justify by quoting from the text.

10 Ronda’s feelings change during the event. Choose the right evolution:

1. moved / discouraged / excited

2. excited / discouraged / moved

3. discouraged / moved / excited

Then find three short quotations to show this evolution.

Uniquement pour les candidat(e)s de la série L au titre de la LVA

11 In your opinion, how has this event changed Ronda’s life?

Documents 1 and 2

12 Explain why Rosalind and Jimmy are role models for Sheryl and Ronda.

13 What obstacles did Rosalind and Ronda overcome to succeed?

Uniquement pour les candidat(e)s de la série L au titre de la LVA

14 Compare and contrast the portraits of Rosalind and Ronda.

expression 10 points

Les candidat(e)s des séries ES, S et L (hors LVA) traitent, au choix, le sujet 1 OU le sujet 2. (200 words, +/– 10 %)

Les candidat(e)s de la série L composant au titre de la LVA traitent le sujet 1 ET le sujet 2. (150 words, +/– 10 %)

1 Have you personally been influenced by a role model? Describe the moment when you realised this person could have an impact on your life.

2 “[G]irls were expected to run a ‘proper home’” (document 1, l. 16). Do you believe this quote applies to our modern society?

Les clés du sujet

Document 1


Sheryl Sandberg (1969-), ancienne vice-présidente des ventes et opérations internationales en ligne chez Google, est actuellement directrice des opérations de Facebook. Femme d’affaires à réputation philanthropique, elle est également écrivaine.

Pour en savoir plus : www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sheryl_Sandberg

Résumé du texte

Sandberg donne l’exemple de sa grand-mère, une femme déterminée et entrepreneuse. Elle raconte comment elle a brisé les barrières sociales, malgré la discrimination sexiste de son époque, afin de s’élever à une position de pouvoir : une vie qui serait plus facile de nos jours.

Vocabulaire utile à la compréhension

Crowded (l. 4) : bondé ; to be pulled out of (l. 7) : être retiré de ; the household (l. 8) : la maisonnée ; to sew (l. 8) : coudre ; the social ladder (l. 13) : l’échelle sociale ; income (l. 15) : le revenu ; a pocketbook (l. 21) : un sac à main ; the trunk (l. 30) : le coffre.

Document 2


Ronda Rousey (1987-) est une sportive américaine, qui pratique plusieurs arts martiaux à haut niveau. Elle est actuellement catcheuse.

Pour en savoir plus : www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ronda_Rousey

Résumé du texte

Dans cet extrait de son autobiographie, Rousey raconte un épisode de sa jeunesse où, lors d’une compétition, un champion olympique lui a décerné un prix qu’elle ne pensait pas gagner.

Vocabulaire utile à la compréhension

To wrap up (l. 1) : (ici) terminer ; to hobble (l. 12) : clopiner ; to cheer (l. 16) : acclamer ; to shove into a bag (l. 31) : fourrer dans un sac ; to flush (l. 39) : (ici) rougir ; to limp (l. 42) : boîter.

Les points de convergence

Les deux documents présentent des personnes qui ont eu une influence sur la vie et la carrière de femmes ayant connu la réussite.

Le sujet d’expression 1

Une direction possible

Pensez aux personnes autour de vous : parents, professeurs, membres de votre famille, ou aux personnes célèbres qui vous inspirent : chanteurs, philanthropes, entrepreneurs. L’un d’entre eux vous a-t-il particulièrement touché par son histoire, par ses actions ? Les difficultés qu’ils ont surmontées vous donnent-elles envie de faire comme eux ?

Key ideas

I never thought my life would amount to much until I heard about Malala Yousafzai. This brave young woman nearly died just because she wanted to go to school! People don’t appreciate how lucky we are to have a free education in France. I want to make a difference in the world, just like she did.

Le sujet d’expression 2

Une direction possible

Comment définir « a proper home » ? Pensez-vous que de nos jours il incombe aux femmes de réussir cet exploit ? Trouvez-vous que les rôles des hommes et des femmes dans la société sont si différents ? Êtes-vous plutôt féministe ou traditionnel ? Pensez-vous que la société moderne a tant changé dans ses attentes vis-à-vis des deux sexes ?

Key ideas

Girls and boys are different, but I don’t believe that means we should have different expectations for their futures. Women are traditionally seen as homemakers but things are changing. The time has come for women to become truly equal to men.