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AUDIO: Jessica talks about sororities in US universities, à télécharger sur [fichier audio de la p. 232].

Cochez les affirmations vraies après avoir écouté l'extrait.

  • a. Sororities are meant to group like-minded individuals.
  • b. Sororities help you feel at home at university.
  • c. Sororities are founded on merit.
  • d. Philanthropy involves volunteering and fund-raising.
  • e. Sororities also organise parties or share activities with other students.
  • f. Your mentor guides you.
  • g. Your mentor must be your brother or your sister.
  • h. To be a member of a sorority you have to take part in a kind of competition.
  • i. New members are chosen according to their interests and personality.
  • j. You can be a part of several sororities.


La réponse c est fausse : “Sororities are founded on philanthropy”.

La réponse g est fausse : “This mentor/mentee relationship is supposed to resemble the relationship between a big sister and a little sister”.

La réponse j est fausse : “You can choose to be a part of only one of them”.