The American Dream: fiction or reality? : quiz n° 2

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The American Dream: fiction or reality? : quiz n° 2

Cochez les affirmations vraies.

  • a. The expression “American Dream” dates from the Pilgrim Fathers who left England on the Mayflower in 1620.
  • b. The American Dream is often linked to another American value: the Frontier spirit.
  • c. The dream is about freedom, opportunity and success for everyone in the USA.
  • d. Nobody believes in the American Dream anymore today.

Proposition a is false. The Pilgrim Fathers hoped for freedom and a better life in America but the expression “American Dream” itself was invented in the 19th century

Proposition d is false. It is true that the American Dream is in danger and questioned today but the USA still attracts thousands or even millions of immigrants in search of a better life.