Can genetics really rhyme with ethics? : quiz n° 2

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Can genetics really rhyme with ethics? : quiz n° 2

Cochez les affirmations vraies.

  • a. The reproductive technique called IVF is now more than 40 years old.
  • b. IVF is not used anymore.
  • c. PGD prevents parents from transmitting genetic diseases to their child.
  • d. In the USA, PGD can be performed to select the gender of your baby.
  • e. In Europe, you can resort to PGD to choose the colour of your baby's eyes.
  • f. Egg-freezing is available for cancer patients only.
  • g. Some big companies offer their female employees egg-freezing.

Proposition b is false: IVF is now common practice.

Proposition e is false: In Europe, PGD is only used in some cases, to prevent the transmission of genetic diseases to the baby.

Proposition f is false: many women in the USA (and in other countries) choose to freeze their eggs while they are young to become mothers later in their life.