Compréhension globale : quiz n° 1

Merci !

Classe(s) : 1re Générale - 1re ST2S - 1re STI2D - 1re STL - 1re STMG - Tle Générale - Tle ST2S - Tle STI2D ... | Thème(s) : Compréhension écrite

Compréhension globale : quiz n° 1

Choisissez le sens qui convient pour chacun des mots en gras :

Britain may have been in the grip of recession1, but it seemed to have had little impact on those select members of the aristocracy and business community who attended the ceremony and afterwards convened at the country seat of the Carfax family for a lavish party which was still going strong (…) at four o'clock the next afternoon.

The party, in fact, lasted longer than the marriage.

Jonathan Coe, What A Carve Up! (1994).

1. Allusion à la mauvaise situation économique dans laquelle se trouvait le pays en 1981.

  1. attended:

    • s'attendaient à
    • assistaient à
    • attendaient
  2. convened:

    • se réunirent
    • s'en allèrent
    • se recueillirent
  3. lavish:

    • lavable
    • minable
    • somptueuse