North power, South integration

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North power, South integration





 The United States leads the world from its territory. Overall, NAFTA has mostly expanded US gross domestic product (GDP) with positive effects on the Canadian economy and mainly negative on the Mexican one.

FTAA and all the different agreements with Latin-American countries should have the same effect on the US economy.


North power, South integration

North power

South integration

Free-trade agreements (FTAs) only

Economic deals with the USA

1992: NAFTA

2001: FTAA (proposal)

2004: USA-Chile FTA

2007: USA-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement

2008: CAFTA-DR

2011: USA-Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement

2011: USA-Panama Trade Promotion Agreement

Two main economic organizations

1969: CAN

1991: Mercosur

Regional integration promoted through institutions and rules

2005: ALBA (political, economic and military cooperation between socialist and social-democratic governments)

2008: Unasur (CAN + Mercosur; economic and political organization)


ALBA (Bolivarian Alliance for Americas): an intergovernmental organization based on the idea of social and political integration, created initially by Cuba and Venezuela. ALBA has now 11 member states: Cuba, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, ­Venezuela and 6 islands of Caribbean countries.

CAFTA-DR (Dominican Republic–Central America Free-Trade Agreement): agreement between the USA and Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Dominican Republic.

CAN (Andean Community of Nations): trade bloc which includes Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru.

FTAA (Free-Trade Area of Americas): agreement which was proposed by the USA to reduce the tariffs among 34 countries of the Americas.

Mercosur: sub-regional bloc comprising Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela. It is promoting free-trade.

NAFTA (North American Free-Trade Agreement): an economic agreement signed by Canada, Mexico and the USA.

Unasur: agreement between CAN and Mercosur, joined by three other states (Chile, Guyana, Suriname). This organization encompasses trade, security, and political issues.