and remembrance

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Classe(s) : Tle ES - Tle L - Tle S | Thème(s) : History and remembrance
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and remembrance





 In the UK and in the USA, a common memory was celebrated after WW II: free and democratic nations fighting and winning against totalitarian and racist dictatorships. Official memorial days commemorating heroic figures (Battle of Britain Day; V-J Day) were organized.

 Since the 1970s, the opening of government archives has allowed historians to let appear new memories (Japanese Americans, Native Americans, Jews in Britain), and to produce a rounded version of WW II.


Writing the history of Jewish immigration in Britain during WW II


Allan James Sherman is born in Jerusalem under the British mandate; he is a lawyer and a historian. He wrote Island Refuge in 1973. This book was one of the most informative works written on the topic. It defended the government policy about Jewish immigration.


Louise London is a historian and a former immigration lawyer. As a daughter of Jewish refugees, she was interested in Jewish immigration before and during WW II. She published Whitehall and the Jews in 2000, emphasizing the British government’s reluctance to admit Jewish refugees during the war.

Writing the history of American soldiers and civilians during WW II


Studs Terkel was an American historian and a descendant of Russian Jews. He received the Pulitzer Prize in 1984 for his book, “The Good War”, based on oral testimonies of common Americans (soldiers and civilians).


Alison Ricky Bernstein is a historian. She wrote a thesis about the part of Native Americans during WW II. Now she studies comparative history between the USA and South Africa.

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From official remembrance to a rounded history of WW II in the UK and in the USA